Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, the primal four,
From which all things came and shall evermore;

Earth, the mother, who gives us our bread,
And holds us safe from the wind and the dread;

Fire, the purifier, who burns away
The dross and the filth of our daily way;
Wind, the bringer of change, who sweeps away
The old and makes way for the new each day;

Water, the giver of life, who flows on
Through the ages, a never-ending song.

These four elements are the key to all,
The foundation of everything that’s small;

From them we are made, and to them we shall return,
When our time on this earth has finally come to an end.

So let us honour these ancient powers,
And give thanks for the gifts that they shower;

For without them, we would not exist,
And our world would be a very different place.

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